VMware Cloud on AWS runs a managed vSphere enviroment on AWS’s bare-metal Infrastructure

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    Few months ago AWS give access to its bare-metal infrastructure so VMware created SDDC, that’s a VMware solution using AWS Infrastructure to offer this service.  Bare metal I3 instances have been in production since August of 2017, powering the VMware Cloud on AWS service that launched after 18 months of joint development and testing effort between VMware and AWS. Today in september 2018 the solution engineered between VMware and Amazon is unique and it’s not the same as launching a nested ESXi in Microsoft Azure. In the near future I am sure there  will be the possibility to have the same solution on Azure, that’s because as you can read on some posts and public statements VMware has always been Any Cloud, Any App, Any device agenda.

    On September 25th 2018 Massimo Re Ferrè Principal Solutions Architect @ AWS (former VMware) made a 1 hour Webinar about this topic. In this article I will try to explain using all the resource I came across about this topic as blog posts, webinar, youtube video and vmware hands on labs in order to have a clear concept about what it is VMware Cloud on AWS.  Thanks to the VMware hands on labs I will create a CLOUDNATIVES.IT SDDC presenting all the steps necessary.

    So if you are interested in this topic let’s begin.

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