Deploying VMware on AWS SDDC with the Native RESTful API

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    VMware Cloud on AWS includes a comprehensive RESTful API that can perform a number of functions that include adding, modifying and deleting SDDCs.  Through the course of this module, you will learn about the RESTful APIs and how to leverage them to automate common operations.

    This is indicated for any company that adopt a DevOps methodology for application development and would like to automatically create and delete SDDCs via their development pipeline.

    When a pipeline is completed in order to minimize costs we have to delete the environments, ruthlessly” automating the deployment. Developer Center is where automation begins

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    Microsoft invest deeply on Hashicorp Terraform, 15 minutes how to use Terraform with Azure

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    5 months ago I attended a Cloud Native hands-on lab on Kubernets and Terraform @ Oracle in Rome, my interest for Terraform started last year because in my opinion this tool can lessen vendor lock-in effect.
    Thanks to his providers it can manage Infrastructure as Code of many cloud providers as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix, Alibaba AliCloud and so on.
    IT professionals are struggling learning script languages and configuration tools for managing and building infrastructure that are deprecated fast, with Terraform you follow a Desiderd State Configuration approach but in a neutral fashion, it has not all the feature of Cloudformation of AWS and cannot supersede configuration manager tools as Puppet, Chef, Ansible and SCCM but it should simplify and speed up IaC.
    If you are good in connecting dots you could envision where the digital transformation is directing.
    I would like to recall the Powershell + DevOps Global Summit 2018 by Microsoft Technical Fellow Jeffrey Snover, that I watched on Youtube.

    In this talk I picked some good points:
    Jeffrey talked about spend calories on Terraform, stating that IT world is in a messy state and always will be, Read More…